Tribute to Dawnstar Robo Fire
who was ahead of his time

Dawnstar Robo Fire was born in 1996

the son of Dawnstar Robocat (see pedigree)
Junglebook Pure Afire of Dawnstar (see pedigree).

Junglebook Pure Afire is a full sister to
Junglebook Original Sin.
see Pure Afire's webpage.

Robo Fire held traits that were ahead of his time,

as well as having a very loving disposition.

Robo Fire was placed in a breeding program where he was a pampered stud cat as well as a beloved family member.
Eventually he was retired into a pet home where he enjoyed a happy and full life with as much joy as a cat could possibly hope for. He passed away at the age of 14 from an aggressive form of lymphoma. There is sadness in his passing but there is also joy in the many long years he had a full and happy life, thanks to the purrsons who cared for him.

Dawnstar Robo Fire of Katznjamr, aka "Rofie"
July 23, 1996 to January 15, 2010


I wanted you to know that Robo (Rofie to you) passed away today. He was diagnosed with lymphoma in his small intestine and it was very aggressive. We are devastated. He brought such joy to our lives every single day. Everyone who met him thought he was the coolest, handsomest cat they had ever seen.

We live in Houston now and he adjusted wonderfully. He talked our legs off every day, and we had many interesting conversations. I would always recount the circumstances that brought him to us and it wouldn't have been possible without you.

I honored Robo on Facebook with "25 Random Things You Didn't Know about Robo" so everyone can get a glimpse of his life with us. -- Laura Harbour

25 Random Things You Didn't Know about Robo

1. His full name was Dawnstar Robofire of Katznjamr.

2. He was a retired stud.

3. I went with a friend who was buying a bengal kitten, and, long story short, the breeder liked me and let me adopt Robo.

4. When I brought him home he immediately crawled into my sweatshirt (which I was wearing) to hide. This behavior was repeated again and again when he was scared, mostly from lightning and thunder.

5. He had a basket of about 50 toys. His favorites were the cheap catnip pillows from PetsMart or anything that crackled or had feathers.

6. Sometimes he would run laps around the house. I guess he needed to be somewhere else real fast.

7. If you talked to me on the phone, you also talked to Robo. He meowed continuously in the background, thinking I was talking to him.

8. Everyone who met Robo thought he was the coolest, handsomest cat they ever saw.

9. Todd's nickname for Robo was 'Turkey.'

10. Our other cat, Farrah, never gave Robo the time of day. To her, he was an obstacle in her quest for world domination. I once saw her running full speed down the hall on three legs after Robo, smacking his behind with her spare paw. True story.

11. He was solid muscle.

12. He loved me to pieces. He would sleep with me, lay in my lap, head butt me, rub his cheeks on me, you name it. But he would never let me pick him up. He would shove one paw in my throat, something Todd called the 'forearm shiver.' Todd could always pick him up.

13. He adjusted to every move we made, even the big one to Houston. As long as we were there, and his stuff, he was cool with it.

14. I would send updates to Robo's original owner (Katznjamr). She sent me pictures from the folks who owned Robo's sire. Robo looked exactly like him.

15. We had to cancel our tradition of letting the cats sleep with us because Robo was such a talker. He would wake us up every night.

16. Robo never met a box he didn't like. Anytime a package came, I would put the box on the floor for a couple of days so he could hang out.

17. Robo went through Hurricane Ike (with Farrah and Todd).

18. He loved it when I put up the Christmas tree. It stands on a skirted platform and he would sleep under it every day.

19. Bengals are known as the 'canines' of the cat community. Robo was no exception. He loved to lay at our feet.
20. Anytime Todd and I stood close together talking, Robo would get right between us to participate. He loved 'family' time.

21. He never scratched the furniture. He adored his scratching posts.

22. As I've alluded to, Robo talked a lot. Our favorite sound was was a kind of half purr, half meow. It meant he was very happy at that moment.

23. He loved looking out the window. If a bird or squirrel wandered by, more the better.

24. He was a Leo. His birthday was July 23, 1996.

25. Robo died today. It's not fair and we're devastated. But we are so much better for knowing him.

-- Laura Harbour

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